Tuesday, November 16, 2010

who taught her to be like this????

So in our house talk about weight and size of people is restricted because i don't want my kids having body issues or judging people by their appearance..... Trae has always been so accepting of people, he has never judged anyone or talked about how people are different. In fact last year he had an asian boy in his class, on the first day of school he came home and said that he had the coolest boy in his class, said that he ran as fast as dash incredible and that he could run that fast because he didn't have to waist all his energy keeping his eyes wide open!! To him everyone is awesome!!!

 Mace on the other hand is not that way. All of the sudden she is always talking about how eating too many treats makes you have a big butt, then she mentions a name of someone who has gotten a big butt from eating too much. So last week she said she couldnt be this ladys friend because she has a big butt and proceeds to tell me she doesnt like her and she wont talk to her, (which might cause a problem cause she is one of her teachers) And this teacher really is not big.  So i am once again learning that for one all kids are so different, and have so many different needs, and for two not everyone is born to be accepting and kind it is something we have to be taught.  Wish me luck on my teaching!! Honestly i am just dying.


Whitney said...

Okay I can't stop laughing at your little boys eye comment,too funny!! It is crazy how every kid is so different. Good luck with the teaching!!

Miller Fam said...

You just kep trying. I tend to think girls can be more this way than boys. My daughter, while she doesnt say anything bad about people, it already asking questions about her body, if she is fat etc..and you know her. She's the tiniest little thing. And I NEVER say anything negative about my body or anyone else's around her. If I have a body issue, it stays far away from her. I think sometimes they each just come with their own challenges and as moms, it's our job to do what we can to help them overcome them.