Tuesday, November 16, 2010

who taught her to be like this????

So in our house talk about weight and size of people is restricted because i don't want my kids having body issues or judging people by their appearance..... Trae has always been so accepting of people, he has never judged anyone or talked about how people are different. In fact last year he had an asian boy in his class, on the first day of school he came home and said that he had the coolest boy in his class, said that he ran as fast as dash incredible and that he could run that fast because he didn't have to waist all his energy keeping his eyes wide open!! To him everyone is awesome!!!

 Mace on the other hand is not that way. All of the sudden she is always talking about how eating too many treats makes you have a big butt, then she mentions a name of someone who has gotten a big butt from eating too much. So last week she said she couldnt be this ladys friend because she has a big butt and proceeds to tell me she doesnt like her and she wont talk to her, (which might cause a problem cause she is one of her teachers) And this teacher really is not big.  So i am once again learning that for one all kids are so different, and have so many different needs, and for two not everyone is born to be accepting and kind it is something we have to be taught.  Wish me luck on my teaching!! Honestly i am just dying.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Back in the blogging world!

Finally got my life organized and back to bloggin!! Had a great summer, enjoyed good times. more picts soon)

Preschool starts with a cheesy grin


is a superfan.

Happy Birthday Boys

Being that our boys have b-days a few days from each other we decided to celebrate with one big slip-n-slide of a party!!  Trae turned 6 and is sooooo grown up. have i ever said that i absolutely love this boy? with trae the cup is always half full, im not sure he feels he has ever had a bad day, when asked about his favorites he says " everything is my favorite!!" .  He wakes up at the crack of dawn so he can beat the sun, he rarely tires out and everyone is his friend, even people in other cars at stop lights. He loves rainbows and hates tornadoes( has never seen one but asks with every storm if one will be comin). he will someday drive a yellow camero with black stripes and his favorite word is SWEET! he is fine not tasting strawberries or eggs untill he is a dad and wants to have 50 billion kids like on horton hears a who. he is currently not kissing girls so he can save all his kisses for me and aunt cami has been specifically warned to not call him her boyfriend if anyone is around- he is going to FREAK OUT if she does. Favorite food is frenchies and fish ( "mom, why does fish have to be so freaking good????). i love this boy.
Jax turned one. Otherwise known as DUDDER. only responds to dudder. Loves loves loves outside, and his meow. Is the most affectionate of the three, does not like being in trouble and climbs everything.... including slides at playgrounds. by himself. and goes down by himself. he never cries even if he is bleeding, he is always chill and just happy to be here. will eat an entire watermelon if allowed. loves music, his dad and anything soft. not scared of anything other than strangers. Gives high fives all day, wants to ride traes bike like yesterday and is already Big. By far he has grown up the fastest, he is independent and our first to have patients( which i do not have in my dna). He is really strong and like to strengthen his muscles by pushing the kitchen table and chairs across the kitchen and would push mace in the flinstone car for days. amazing is not even an explanation for the way i feel about these kids.

Hippopotomous smile.... lovin bear lake

Happy freezing fourth of july

saying good-bye to kindergarten

thanks Mrs.Brabec, i am all ready for first grade!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

gettin old......

ok so here i am walking out of target looking for my car.   for a brief moment i could not remember what i drove- as i unlocked my door and hopped in i sat there for a moment. I all of the sudden realized that i am 28yrs old with three kids and a suburban.  The suburban belongs to me.... not my mom. years ago i vowed i would not drive a "mom"  car. Weird i know but i was suddenly freaking out!!  Like i finally had a moment to myself to think and i JUST realized that i am gettin OLD!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yellowstone drag-racing

Trav did so well at his first snowmobile race!!! It was fun to see him enjoying something he loves- was hard to have baby out for too long so we mostly swam at the pool, but we were there to witness his 2nd place victory!!!    Good job babe!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

September to now, but of course i did it wrong..

so three has actually been easier than two, but as we all know the economy has put everyone in a pickle. We are in construction so... not much work. but luckily we have our salon, and i have been blessed with all kinds of work!! So Mr. Mom took over for a few months and i slaved away:) I can't even explain how turned on a girl gets when her husband is baking cookies for Santa and cleaning( he even vacuum's behind the fridge every time). Although i was a little tore up that yes, he is a better house wife than me. Oh well, i have other strong points right!! So now i am caught up on the blog and work has started picking up for him:)

We also added tanning to the salon as well as eye lash tinting and perming! We have a high performance bed and are open whenever so give us a call!!

meet cutie seward

this is the newest addition to the fam, he is camera shy and is giving me the stink eye, he loves being wrapped up and pushed in maycees shopping cart:)

7 months old already???

biter biscuit is even better when on my nose

Happy Valentines Day!!

all of these snowmobile fanatics decided to take the wives on a day trip- we snowmobiled in to this little restaraunt called the hidden lake lodge and we had a nice lunch! I had the best day, after crossing the resavoir i think i am more brave... this trip i learned to climb hills:) good luck leaving me home now...
p.s. Dad- if the m-7 comes up missing don't call... im ridin!!

trae's valentines party

grandma dessa hooked us up with some beads to make V-day bracelets for the moms!!! thanks for the help

how does my hair look? mace just got it all blown dry